Marcela Hidalgo

Costa Rican. Marcela has Master’s degree in Linguistics from the University of Costa Rica, a Master’s in Ontological Coaching from the University of Leipzig and Kassel in Germany. She is a coaching and relational leadership specialist and earned a Ph.D. in Society and Culture from the University of Costa Rica.

Marcela is an expert in organizational behavior, strategic planning, corporate training, leadership, oral and written communication, research, institutional evaluation, and quality management and accreditation.

She is now a business consultant/trainer as well as a proofreader for national and international institutions.

She was Director of Institutional Planning, Development and Assessment at the Universidad Católica de Costa Rica (2008-2012) and Director of the Department of Languages and Communication at the National University of Distance Education - UNED (2004-2009).

She is also an active member of the Costa Rican Coaching Association and Grupo Universitario por la Calidad en América Latina, a university group that promotes quality in Latin America.

She teaches at the University of Costa Rica’s School of General Studies and in the UNED’s MBA program. 

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