Letter from the Dean

Fernando Ocampo

LEAD University is a private higher education institution with a regional scope, which was accredited by Costa Rica’s National Council for Private Higher Education (CONESUP) in 2016. It was created by a group of renowned entrepreneurs and professionals pursuing leadership, excellence, advance and development (LEAD).

The institution provides personalized and student oriented education supported by a broad group of faculty and professionals with extensive experience at both national and international levels. Our areas are business and economics, as well as engineering and technology to boost competitiveness and international trade in the region.

We stress the need to develop strong leadership and critical thinking skills while aspiring to educate and train top-level, highly creative and innovative professionals with an integrated vision of the world. By this we mean professionals who are not only responsible and highly skilled, but embrace change in local and international contexts and adapt in an increasingly globalized world.

The mission of ULEAD is to provide a world-class higher education that goes far beyond the traditional models, with a dual and innovative educational appproach including rigorous academic activities, internships, case studies and real-life experiencies. We aim to train citizens who are well-informed, committed and empowered to take on the task of living in society and entering the workforce in a bold and creative way.

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