Philosophy and Values

LEAD Philosophy

Our Mission

To develop professionals based on programs that not only focus on technical aspects, but also incorporate humanities and individual talent to provide the national and regional markets with a top-quality higher education alternative.

Our Vision

To optimize the standards of private higher education by providing a higher education alternative committed to academic excellence directed at both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as sectors promoting national and regional sustainable development.   



Faculty and students go beyond the routine fulfillment of their duties


A condition attained by taking your own decisions, free from any external forces. Our students enjoy responsible freedom.


An attitude allowing others to express their opinions freely showing respect even if one disagrees.



An individual’s right to know the truth.


The capacity to take decisions in a firm and decisive manner and follow these through.

Teamwork and adaptability

Efforts to coordinate and integrate people who need each other to achieve a result and the ability to adjust speedily   to society.



Ability to generate new ideas, actions or innovative thinking.


Deference shown towards others in recognition of authority stemming from seniority, merit or functions, as well as respect for the roles and functions of others.


Deeply ingrained standards of conduct that help us act responsibly when faced with different situations.

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