José Luis Menéndez

José Luis is an international speaker trained in England, the US, Spain and Chile. His extensive experience in leadership, negotiation, motivation, goals and achievements, and communication skills, among others, has earned him worldwide recognition as one of the best personal coaches.

  • José Luis is considered one of the founders of coaching and is responsible for bringing together transpersonal coaching and the corporate world.
  • He has specialized in Integrated Leadership and Transpersonal Coaching, ADDH (attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity) coaching, sports coaching and neuroscience applied to competencies and leadership development.
  • José Luis is President of the OlaCoach International Institute and founder of the CHAMPION MIND® method using applied neuroscience to develop leadership. He collaborates regularly with Sir John Whitmore - an expert in leadership and organizational transformation – who is his mentor and with whom he worked for more than 12 years.
  • His book Abre el melón, one of the best books in Spanish on coaching, made him a bestselling author. A former member of the ICF Ethics and Standards Committee, José Luis has delivered training, conferences and personal/team coaching to top corporations in Europe and Latin America such as Microsoft, Coca-Cola, RE/MAX, Leroy Merlin, UNICEF, Accenture, FIFA, FIBA-Europa, ABB, Merrill Lynch, AEGON, Auto Mercado, INTEL, PwC, BBVA, among many others.

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